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P2S participates in contributing to communities and organizations with the intent to make a difference where needed, ... especially in the realm of self reliance. Contributions made to P2S as well as a percentage of revenue incurred from sales can make a huge difference for those who may be less fortunate or ill-equipped to handle unexpected disastrous situations. 

Donations of $100.00 or more will enter willing participants in a monthly drawing for a chance to win a life time membership at a world renowned fire arms and defense training resort valued at more than a few thousand $ each.

Participation into this sweepstakes will be acknowledged and email registered for entry following the donation process and when indicated as such by the contributors notations for authorization to do so.

Additional methods for accepted entry include messaging through the P2S contact page. Include donation details accompanied with a message authorizing P2S to enter your email contact information into the drawing.

Must be 18 years of age to participate


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P2S will post winning names unless specified otherwise by the recipient upon notification.

Good luck


Look for additional promotional sweepstakes in the future as P2S offers opportunities for winners of contests and quizzes as well as for continued donations by contributors to experience various survival schools and wilderness training courses.