Education and Training

Education & training 1.

The following is intended to provide a place where survival minded enthusiasts can find various aspects associated with education and training known to be advantageous for building skills in support of encouraging self reliance.



The information provided by P2S is continually evolving to cover a wider array of materials for educational and training purposes for a vast array of subject matter. The acquisition of such information is not limited to focusing on typical survival techniques and skills and should expand to cover all contingencies known to cause unfortunate or disastrous situations. Situational and descriptive scenarios can be found on the home page located within the following module.

"Why be Prepared"






Sheltering in place

Remaining at home and hunkering down is a "shelter in place" concept which defines a choice to stay put and survive in a familiar location. However, ... we may be subject to the odds of being caught off guard and forced to shelter in unfamiliar locations. Variables of uncertainty include considerations for time and duration for sheltering in one place. The length of a situation can extend from hours and days to weeks and perhaps even months depending upon the circumstances. For these scenarios it is advantageous to posses certain knowledge and skills known to increase the chances of surviving successfully no matter how long we shelter in place. The references listed below are intended to aid those seeking relevant details for sheltering in place. CDC OSHA American Red Cross NICS NFPA Homeland Security




Evacuating & the wilderness

Evacuating or bugging out may inevitably bring us into regions of wilderness. For those situations it is an advantage to have skills known to encourage survival and longevity in unfamiliar or difficult regions without the conveniences of a market or the assistance from others. It is during those times when our lives may very well depend upon our ability to be self reliant with skills and knowledge specific for the wilderness. The sources below have been provided with the intent to encourage adaptation into being ready for the next calamity and unfortunate situation.

Adventurers survival guide Basic survival skills 50 plus survival tips Survival fishing Wilderness survival skills pt 1, pt2, pt3, pt4






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Water Food Shelter Security & Protection Communication First aid & Medicines Fuel & Energy Transportation Innovation





Water » Water 3


Water witching 101

Methods to find water

Using animals to find water

How to find water in the wild

How to find water in the desert

Water dowsing expert proves skill

Making dowsing rods to find water

How to find water with dowsing rods

How to use dowsing or divining rods

How to locate water in the wilderness

Dowsing as a method of finding underground water



Urine still

Extracting water from the air

Extract clean drinkable water from plants

Machine that makes drinking water from thin air


Filtering / Purifying

How to purify water

Filtering water / images

Purifying water in the wild

Emergency water filtration

How to purify urine for drinking

What to do if your water becomes contaminated



Storing emergency water

Storing water for long term

How to store water long term / Wiki how

Emergency water storage / Homeland security





Food » Food 1


Growing a wild garden

Swimming pool gardening

Selecting and storing seeds

How to create an ECO garden

Aquaponic gardening with fish

Gardening with natural systems

Growing with home made fertilizers

Easy foods to grow without a garden

Off grid prepper wilderness gardening

10 trees that any "Prepper" should grow

How to hide a survival garden out of view

Aquaponic system designs / Tips and tricks

Urban gardening / Growing food in the city

Benefits from gardening with these wild birds

How to grow vegetables in the middle of nowhere

9 ways to eat commonly wasted seeds, peels & more

Growing food on rooftops / abandoned buildings, etc.

Vegetable gardening in drought conditions [Part 1 / Part 2]


Trapping, hunting, catching


Survival fishing

Traps and snares

Survival hunting with spear & bow

Food procurement / Army training

Primitive hunting and snaring for survival


Eatable bugs

List of edible bugs

Truth about eating insects

Eating insects to survive / Foraging

Top 15 edible insects in North America



Scavenging code of ethics


Food storage

Emergency food supplies / CDC

Food storage and where to begin

Storing emergency food in Mylar bags

Food storage ideas for apartment dwellers

Food storage and preparedness / Homeland security



Dehydrator ideas

Drying herbs the easy way

How to freeze dry / WikiHow

How to freeze dry at home / Video

How to freeze dry foods for future use

How to dehydrate and store food:  Part 1 / Part 2



A beginners guide to canning

Home food preservation and canning

Canning 101 / The basics for beginners


Ancient recipes and food preservation

How to make primitive jerky

How to make beef jerky / WikiHow

Hardtack: Survival food from history

Pemmican: the ultimate survival food

Homemade jerky without a dehydrator

5 ways to preserve food for off grid survival

10 food preservation methods / Ancient to modern

How to make wild game jerky: At home or in the wild


For pets

How to make survival food for dogs

17 things to place in the PET survival kit





Shelters »  A shelter 1

Tips of shelters

Images of survival shelters

Wilderness survival sheltering

3 Ways to Make a Shelter in the Wilderness





Security & protection »  Security 1 

Self defense

How to escape a full nelson

How to survive a strong choke

Krav Maga / Defined by Wikipedia

Alternative ideas for defending the family


Fire arms

Fire arms training associates

Fire arms training / Front Sight

Disarm someone with a hand gun

The fastest gun disarming technique

Fire arms training simulators / VirTra

Fire arms training home simulator / Laser Ammo


Bow / Cross bow

How to shoot an arrow

12 cross bows do's and donts

A beginners guide to cross bows


Axe and hatchet

Axe throwing



How to throw a knife

The fastest knife disarm

How to defend against a knife attack


Playing cards as weapons

Cards as weapons

How to throw playing cards



Deterrent / Defined

Training dogs for survival

Guard dogs / 8 best breeds

Top 10 guard dogs for preppers

Security signs and deterrents around the home


Technology etc.

How to properly use bear spray

Alternative uses for game cameras

A beginners guide to motion sensors

How to establish a security perimeter

A preppers guide for using drones for security



How to form a survival group

How to find other preppers in your area



Getting to know your intuition

Exercises for developing intuition

Harnessing intuition for self defense





Communications »  A comm

Amateur radios

Ham radio test online

How to get a radio license

How to use a ham radio / Video

Guide to amateur ham radios for newbies

Amateur radio licensing in the United States

How to talk with someone using a ham radio


Two way radio / Walkie talkie

Walkie Talkie / Wikipedia

How to talk on a two way radio


Scanners & monitoring

Scanning 101

Radio scanners 101

Radio reference data base

National radio frequency data


Satellite phones

How satellite phones work

Satellite phone definition / Wikipedia



Pigeon delivery system / Wikipedia

How to train a homing pigeon / WikiHow

How to train a homing pigeon to carry a message


Secret codes etc.

Make your own secret code

6 secret code to teach children

How to create secret codes and ciphers


Morse code etc.

Morse code / Wikipedia

Morse code / How it works

International Morse code / Lesson 1

Ham radio contact using Morse code


Social media & Networking

Social media & disasters / American Red Cross

How social media is changing disaster response





First aid & medicines »  A first aid a


The six steps of CPR

CPR in three simple steps


First aid

First aid / Online

Survival first aid skills

Basic first aid training

Basic wilderness first aid

Injuries in the wilderness

Wilderness survival / First aid


Medicinal plants

Medicinal plant list

Defined / Wikipedia

A to Z medicinal herb chart

18 of natures most powerful medicinal plants


Veterinary medicines

Survival medicine / Fish antibiotics for off grid survival

Emergency medications / Using veterinary drugs in a crisis





Fuel & energy »  A fuels


Home made gasifier

Working mans gasifier

Diagrams for wood gasifiers

Free gasifier plans / Various



How To Build A Solar Panel

The Ultimate Guide To DIY Off Grid Solar Power

How to build a basic portable solar power system

How to make solar cells (DIY/homemade solar cell)



5 Homemade Batteries!

How to build a small Earth Battery

How to make a powerful water battery

Make home made batteries in the kitchen

Storing Household Batteries for the Long Term


Alcohol/ Distillation

Alcohol as an engine fuel

Running a car on moonshine

Alcohol fuel defined / Wikipedia

Make Ethanol Fuel for Your Vehicles at Home



Alternative fuels / Hydrogen

A Hydrogen Generator You Can Build

Homemade Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator + tips

Turn any car into a Hybrid for only a few hundred dollars.





Transportation »  A transportation 1

Bug out transportation / Images

Best and affordable bug out vehicles

Getting around during an emergency or disaster





Innovation  »  A creative

Using a fresnel lens

Fresnel lens defined / Wikipedia

Fresnel lens solar cooker using TV lens

Start a fire without using matches / Fresnel lens


Currency and trade

Prepper Tips for Bartering Post Collapse

40 Items to Barter in a Post-Collapse World


Making clothing

Make Fabric From Nettles

How to Make Improvised Clothing


Making fire

How to make fire / Images

How to make fire with a lemon

10 ways how to start a fire without a lighter

How to Make Fire Without Matches or a Lighter


The art of deception

Pretending to be someone else


Survival hacks

12 survival hacks using just leaves

37  awesome survival / Prepper hacks





Sponsored schools, education and training

References provided are a combination of public, private and professional resources or institutions which may contribute or be sponsored by P2S. Contributions or sponsorship signifies an agreement between parties and does not necessarily advocate the scope or aim of said institutions in their entirety. P2S is a platform and portal intended for survival minded enthusiasts to locate a vast array of information known to be conducive for success in survival situations. Information provided here is continually advancing with the aim of supporting the quest to become more self reliant.

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