The following information is intended to be used as potential resources in the aim of increasing the odds of surviving a variety of disasters, circumstances and unfortunate situations. Resources provided here extend into subject matter that is known to provoke emotional response or action. It is the intent of P2S to assist those seeking to open their minds to the potentials which exist around us.



Index of resources

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Market place


This is the place where survival minded enthusiasts find an array of goods, supplies and gear known to be conducive for surviving a vast array of situations and events.

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Tests & quizzes


A few tests and quizzes have been provided with the intent of stimulating the thought process for encouraging further research in the aim of acquiring additional education and knowledge for enhancing self reliance.

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Sites of interest / assistance

The following links represent a diverse array of subject matter which has been provided to assist and stimulate curiosity with an open mind.

Listed in alphabetical order


Navigational links  & purpose


Above top secret  »   Conspiracy theories, alternative information

Accident Victims Center  »   Vehicle, workplace, commercial, medical malpractice.

Addiction centers  »   Drug rehab & recovery

AHA (American Hospital Association) Help lines  »   Hotlines & help

Alderleaf wilderness college  »   Wilderness survival training

American Cancer Society  »   Support & treatment

American Addiction Center  »  Addiction & co-occurring disorders, treatments

Anake outdoor school  »   Outdoor, wilderness training & education

Bananatic  »  Brain training exercises and games

CDC (Center for Disease Control)  »   Disease control & prevention

Coast to Coast  »   Alternative & paranormal news

Conspiracy club  »  Alternative information, conspiracies, mysteries & news

Credit  »  Fighting medical identity theft

Daily Sheeple  »   Alternative, conspiracy, breaking news

Disaster  »  Disaster help & resources

Direct Relief  »   Humanitarian aid & recovery

D.O.J. (Department of Justice)   »   Law defense, justice news, action center

Drug   »   Treatments for addiction, resources, tools & more

Earthquake Hazards Program (USGS)  »   Earthquake news, Active maps, monitoring

FBI  »   Federal investigation, prevention, criminal news & information

Feeding America  »   Food banks, humanitarian distribution of food

FEMA  »   Disaster assistance

Front Sight  »   Fire arms, hand to hand, training

Good Will  »   Helping people in need reach their full potential

Google News  »   Top news stories

Homeland security (U.S.A)  »    Issues related to national security & more   »   Department of housing & urban development

ICAR (International Center for Abduction Research)  »   UFO abduction

Identity theft (  »   Advise and action against identity theft

Info Wars  »   Alternative news, exposure, conspiracy context

National Center for Missing and exploited children  »   Call center & assistance

National Tsunami Warning Center  »   Tidal wave & tsunami warning center, maps

National Child Abuse Hotline  »   Call center, assistance & prevention

National Domestic Violence Hotline  »   Call center, assistance & prevention

National Coalition for the Homeless  »   Homeless services, programs & efforts

NOAA (National Weather Services)  »   Storm prediction center

NSA (National Security Agency)  »   National defense & resources

Pacific Disaster Center  »   Hazard reporting center, (various).

Priceless movement  »  Human trafficking prevention / hotline

Primitive pursuits  »   Nature based education and training

Project Camelot  »   Truth & exposure, whistle-blowers

Project Censored  »   Alternative news, exposure

Psych Central (List of help lines)  »  US help lines, various types, large index

Psycom  »  Testing for alcohol disorder  »   Emergency preparedness & planning

Red Cross  »   Disaster relief & assistance

Salvation Army  »  Disaster relief, emergency response, more

SAMHSA (Substance abuse and mental health)  »   Find help & treatment

SEN (U.S.A National hotlines for various help issues)  »   Multiple help lines  »   Assistance and coaching for seniors  »   National Home Security Alliance

The National Prayer Center  »   24/7 help lines, various

The Truth Seeker  »   Alternative news, exposure, truth seeking

The Recovery Village   »   Personalized addiction treatment

TUCK   »    Advancing better sleep

United Way  »   Community assistance, help programs etc.

U. S. Department of Labor  »   Employment related help, legal info

USDA  Forestry service (Active fire mapping)  »  Current & active fire reporting

Volcano Hazards Program (USGS)  »   US volcano activity alert

Want to know  »   Alternative news, exposure, conspiracies  »   News and current weather conditions

YMCA  »   Youth and community development, assistance





Key words defined


A list of words intended to inspire or provoke action


Alliance   »   a merging of efforts or interests by persons, families, states, or organizations:

Bug out   »   to depart especially in a hurry:

Determination   »   a fixed purpose or intention to succeed:

Defense   »   the act of defending someone or something from attack:

Foresight   »   knowledge or insight gained by looking forward; a view of the future:

Hunker down   »   to hide out, or take shelter / to settle in or dig in for a sustained period:

Intuition   »   hunches formed from past experiences and knowledge / a gut feeling:

Illusion   »   the action of deceiving or causing misinterpretation:

Live   »   to continue to be alive / to induce continuance:

Motivation   »   having a strong reason to act or accomplish something / drive:

Religious   »   prudently doing something whenever it can or should be done:

Prepared   »   planning for and making ready for something expected or thought possible:

Perseverance   »   continued effort to do or achieve a goal despite difficulties or opposition :

Protect   »   to defend or guard from attack, invasion, loss, annoyance, insult, etc.:

Survive   »   to remain alive / to continue to live / to continue to exist:

Survival skills   »  techniques a person may use during natural disasters to save themselves and others:   

Serve   »  to render assistance / be of use / to help:

Self reliance   »  reliance on oneself or one's own powers, resources, etc.:

Skills   »   having or showing the knowledge, ability, or training to perform a certain activity or task well:

Supplies   »   an amount available or sufficient for a given use; stock:

Training   »   a process by which someone learns the skills needed for an art, profession, or task:

Truth   »   a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like:

Lies   »   deliberately untruthful; deceitful; deceptive, misleading, mendacious, fallacious:

Spirituality   »    any kind of activity through which a person seeks meaning and depth:





Training & education

Training & education is advantageous for increasing the ability to adapt in difficult and disastrous situations. Higher skill levels acquired from additional training and education can strengthen confidence and encourage favorable results for succeeding when disaster strikes.


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Clubs & organizations


Clubs and organizations mentioned on this site are specific for survival minded enthusiasts and are not represented as being affiliated with P2S. Special considerations are occasionally given to connect members with others who opt in to advertising on this site as a viable club or organization of interest.







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