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P2S is dedicated to providing information known to be conducive for surviving a vast array of  calamities, disasters and unfortunate situations. It is the intent to inspire curiosity into action and to assist survival minded enthusiasts with solutions for the many trials and tribulations we can face as occupants of Earth.




The following categorizations have been provided as a base line strategy applicable for many situations which is subject to revision and change as P2S continues to evolve. Suggestions and inspirational comments submitted by visitors will be considered.

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Surviving successfully  »   Survive

To survive successfully means to make considerations which account for a vast array of situations known to cause detrimental effects to our lives or well being. It is a degree of preparedness that validates a level of confidence to move past the moments of disaster, calamity and chaos. For the most part, ... surviving successfully incorporates a mindset and attitude that is healthy, positive and conducive for surviving the many variations of tribulations which life can unexpectedly present. Such a mindset accommodates for natural or man made disasters and various accidents as well as criminal and moral offenses made against us. It is the willingness to dig deeper applying the highest levels of courage, education and skills combined with a strong moral value and the desire to continue living which will aid in surviving successfully. Developing a healthy instinct is also a key factor in surviving life's obstacles. Combining the positive attributes as mentioned here will increase the odds of success.

Definitions for »   [Survive] , [Success]



Health and well-being (Body & Mind)  »  Body & Mind

It is important to have a clear understanding for the health and well being for ourselves and those we interact with in preparation for times of calamity and unfortunate situations. A healthier mind and body is certainly advantageous in defending against the effects associated with stressful and chaotic events. Our bodies have a tendency to break down quicker during times of unexpected chaos. Just the same applies to our minds as chaos can cause extreme incoherence or misunderstandings accompanied with an inability to think correctly.

It can often be an advantage during chaotic moments to consider relinquishing control to those who have been profiled as having a better chance of navigating mental obstacles during stressful situations. It's OK, ... in the name of surviving. Be advised that many over confident and egotistical personalities can lead themselves and others down the wrong path of actions often resulting in a disadvantage. For the most part, ... a healthy mind & body can play a higher role for succeeding with the aim of surviving most calamities. Keeping physically fit with the best intent will aid tremendously when the time comes to think and move quickly.

Participating in brain game activities is a great way to exercise the mind. In order to stay sharp, ... our minds are in need of constant stimulus. A sharper mind is most advantageous for spontaneous chaotic situations as well as log term survival scenarios.

Healthy links »  [Benefits of a healthy body] , [Benefits of a healthy mind] , [Brain exercises] , [Brain games to strengthen awareness]



Attributes of personality  »  Personalities 2

Knowing ourselves as well as the behavior of others is an integral part of surviving many types of situations.  It is advantageous to have a better understanding of how we ourselves and others react in stressful situations and apply the appropriate corrections ahead of time. People are diverse, ... often a little strange and unpredictable at times. Some of us are passive while others are very aggressive or careless in nature. It is important to know what personalities we will be exposed to and how we ourselves will react when disaster strikes.


Knowing ourselves

Most people feel they have a solid understanding on their own personal attributes. The best way to know how we will react in any given situation is to expose ourselves to a number of various scenarios known to provoke or stimulate unpredictable behavior. Creating a log on how we behave during stressful and disastrous situations can be useful for future reference. Other forms of exposing ourselves hinges on gaining new knowledge and training as well as to associate with those who think outside the box. This acclimates ourselves to thinking in new ways that adds to our personalities with the intent to grow ourselves into a higher degree of preparedness. A well balanced personality can be created through a learning process of experiences, training and exposure to those with life stories to tell. Becoming aware of our surroundings while keeping an open mind aids in personal growth and allows a better understanding of ourselves.

Getting to know you »  [Link 1] , [Link 2] , [quiz]


Understanding the potential of others

The concept and relevance of understanding others is applicable for a vast amount of situations. During those times of chaos and uncertainty we may find ourselves  stuck with difficult or even dangerous personalities which can often result in an unsuccessful environment. It is important to sharpen our ability to profile others for many of lives situations. This notion or idea applies to not only disastrous situations but those associated with business, recreation and potential friendships as well as those within our immediate surroundings of unfamiliarity.

For instance, ... a large part of prevention against becoming a victim of abuse or from being attacked by others is having a sharper sense and awareness and the ability to assess and profile those around us. Utilizing such an ability can play an import role in avoidance tactical measures. If people are taught to sharpen these abilities into instinctive usable skills than date rapes and marital abuse might be better avoided more effectively. This sort of tactical awareness does not always start off as instinctive but with practice can become a tool of safety and self preservation. This can be especially helpful for young adults who run off with others to parties and locations of uncertainty. Over confidence often gets in the way of sensible thinking and is often degraded further with the use of drugs and alcohol. Having a better understanding of how others react under the influence of altering substances may provide a higher sense and degree of safety for those concerned.

Additional observational understanding apply to the many who have chosen to engage in business with someone that was not clearly profiled as being compatible which most often increases the complexity of getting along or agreeing on the direction the business should go. The results can be devastating and cause the business to fail without a chance of it moving forward in success ending with phenomenal loss.

Just the same applies for friendships, ... when mismatched can cause lifetimes of damage and pain. Marrying the wrong person also has its degrees of complexity which can often require far more effort to keep the relationship healthy. Some people choose to marry for the wrong reasons and fail to use any of the instinctive abilities they have to tell them if the match is a good one or not. They often suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives.

Having a sensible and protective instinct to profile others is an advantageous tool that can be used to protect us from the many uncertainties in life.


Profile this »  [Profiling People] , [Tricks on reading people] , [How to read people]



Instinct & intuition   »   Intuition 1

Developing a healthy instinct is similar to setting an internal alarm system up in our mind and soul. For some, ... a good instinct comes naturally while for others must be developed over time through training and exposure. The ability utilize our gifts associated with instinct and intuition relies heavily upon that sense of self preservation. It is that sense of something within us that is telling sending signals to our brain that something feels wrong or dangerous. Dictionary definitions depict that "instincts" are not learned but a natural phenomena. That does not however exclude the chances of sharpening the ability to be instinctive. Intuition, a phenomenon of the mind, describes the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason and can also be developed through various exercises and the exposure to potential outcomes. As we get older, ... these abilities tend to sharped for attentive individuals.

Definitions »  [Instinct] , [Intuition]

Mental exercises »  [Exercises for developing intuition] , [18 ways to strengthen intuition]



Values & conduct   »   Conduct 1

It can be advantageous to define and reassure ourselves as to what our values are and how we will conduct ourselves during times of chaos and uncertainty. This is often more difficult than it sounds as we are often subject to any number of situations that can induce stress and turmoil. It can be expected that most any disastrous situations will evoke a few emotional responses as we enter the tunnel of chaos. Those emotions can often determine how we will react at the onset of a situation yet can change as the experience progresses forward. This means that the very first emotional response can be extreme and subject to producing actions of misalignment.

A misaligned response simply referrers to applying the least or lessor effective action for any given scenario. Having and practicing a code of conduct allows us to build a default in behavior that will become second in nature as we move forward. Implementing the use of default behavior can be practiced daily. It is very interesting to discover who we really are or can be when we pay attention. Sometimes we find ourselves in disagreement with what we have discovered. It is when we become cognizant of our own behaviors that we can begin to make changes within ourselves. This can often be a challenge as well as a little fun.

Practicing default behavior is a building block for developing values and conduct. The use of values and conduct during stressful and chaotic situations may determine our fate one way or another. Values and conduct encompass a vast array personal beliefs as well as those emotional responses mentioned above. They are derived from a combination of educational exposure, indoctrination, family belief systems or personal experiences.

Defining our values and how we will conduct ourselves fosters a direction and desired outcome in any given situation. Despite who we think we are, ... our values and codes of conduct can be altered or changed ... be it for good or for bad. Good or bad can be a matter of perception and opinion. The concept of applying a code of conduct is intended to encourage stability, ... one way or another, ...  during stressful and difficult times.

Values and conduct contain elements which prompt a particular demeanor intended to serve in a beneficial capacity. Behavior modifications are often spawned by a change in values. Conduct is often the byproduct of a persons values. What ever our values are, our conduct will often represent in such as way that can useful or destructive. It is advantageous to apply a code of conduct not just for the sake of others but to assure our own minds that we are stable. It is important to understand that many people are skilled in the arts of deception and often behave in a manor that is intended to be self serving, ... despite the consequences. Their values and codes of conduct should be tested when suspected as not being genuine or authentic.

Value this »  [How to establish values] , [Making valuable decisions] , [Values test]



Awareness & predictions   »  Predictions 1

The art of predicting a particular outcome can be developed from a heightened level of awareness and observation. Sharpening our awareness and keeping an open mind can allow us the ability to foresee events which stand a chance of occurring. Predictions as such can be useful in determining our next move or aid in avoiding a pending catastrophe. A sharpened awareness and a predictive nature tends to keep us on alert and assists in prompting readiness. Avoidance and safety is often a healthy byproduct of a predictive nature which is not to be confused with the reciprocal of daring and chancy. Polished attributes of awareness can aid in making correct decisions when disaster strikes and survival is on the line.

Observe this »  [Powers of observation] , [Sharpening awareness] , [Becoming aware]



Creating a P.O.A. (Plan of action)   »   Plan 02

Creating a plan of action is inherently indicative of someone who has been exposed to alternative or specialized information known to provoke preparedness and the need to be ready for any number of contingencies. A POA or "plan of action" is typically the next step in preparedness following a period of acclimation to newly discovered information which changes our belief system. The concept of preparedness applies to a vast number and variation of disasters and situations. There are various measures of preparedness which are specific to particular scenarios while other levels of preparedness are generally basic and versatile to many situations. Once the decision has been made to create a plan of action it will become advantageous to perform a degree of research on what will inevitably become our road map to survival. A basic plan of action designated useful for regional or large area disasters often includes having evacuation routes, food and water storage, and perhaps a bug out bag. Defensive measures are also a reasonable expectation for various plans of action. Having any kind of plan of action increases the odds to survive many disastrous situations.

Plan on this »  [Developing a plan of action] , [Action plan defined] , [The basics]



Finding the things we need   »   Finding 1

Sometimes finding the things we need can be more difficult than expected.  This is especially true for those who may not know what it is they really need for any given situation. It is also true that there are similarities in various disasters which depict an array of common things which are known to be advantageous for survival. On the other hand, ... many situations require something in addition to or completely different than what is commonly expected.

For example, .... most calamities or disastrous situations involving violent crime such as a car jacking, abuse, home invasions, angry crowds & riots  and more typically do not involve the need to store up food and water or other emergency supplies. Though these types of situations are generally not thought of as disasters for most survival mind enthusiasts, ... they do present a need to be prepared for none the less. That being said, .... they too are supported by particular things we need which can be advantageous in surviving those scenarios.

The things we need which are known to be advantageous in any type of event are not limited to material items or goods. The concept also applies to acquiring training, education, exposure, acclimation and a change of behavior just the same. "Courage" for instance, .... known to be applicably advantageous in many situations, ... is something we need to find within ourselves. That can often be acquired or enhanced through additional training with combat tactics or perhaps acclimating ourselves to aggressive personalities so as to understand and deal with them better.

Finding the things we need can be best ascertained by having a better understanding for what we desire to be prepared for. Most survival minded enthusiasts tend to focus on global or regional disasters and situations with the aim of getting past the initial moments of chaos and upheaval. This typically involves a degree of gathering material items and goods known to be conducive for surviving. Most people purchase these items and keep them safe until such as time when they are needed.

What about those who are not well prepared? Can we find the things we need after an event has begun? These are good questions to ask ourselves if the aim is live beyond the moment of inception. Chances are good for those who act quickly. Be advised that in the United States, .... executive orders exist that will allow military and local law to secure markets, fueling stations and most all other resources with the aim of controlling distribution as they feel appropriate. The population in most metropolitan areas has grown exponentially to the point where running to the market and fueling stations will most likely end with long lines or denial of acquisition. Becoming more attentive or smarter than the populous is simply advantageous. Acting quickly can prevent being caught in an endless line of vulnerability.

Finding the things we need to survive during a situation that is days or weeks into the event is far more difficult. This is where scavenging becomes a skill-set. This sort of activity is often performed with either a passive and reactive demeanor or an aggressive attitude. This is most likely a time where combat training and the art of illusion comes into play. This is a vulnerable position to be in as danger is prevalent and typical with chaotic environments.Understanding that others will be searching for the things they need which will redoubtably incur conflict and disappointment.

Finding the things we need prior to any type of disaster can also be accomplished through co-ops, governmental organization and the association with like minded enthusiasts. Working together is an advantage, ... especially for those with less money or resources who have skills to offer. In any case, ...  finding the things we need conducive for surviving a multitude of events is an art form to be practiced regularly.

Finding the things we need » [FEMA] , [] , [Red Cross] , [Salvation army] , [Scavenging 1] , [Scavenging 2] , [Market place]



Making the things we need   »   Making 1

Sometimes we are subject to making the things we need, ... especially when we can not afford the luxury of purchasing them. This may be especially true during times of chaos. It is often the case that regional forms of currency such as money, bonds, or credit become valueless. Trade becomes the primary exchange of value supporting the acquisition for the various things we need in survival situations. Making items and things of value can be associated with alcohol based products used for disinfection, creating perfumes, consumption as well as fueling generators and operating some modified vehicles. Making soap, fueling lanterns and cooking stoves are also performed with distillation alcohol.

Various grains and foods are useful for distillation, and for consumption in many forms like breads and cereals. Having knowledge of how to make a garden is highly advantageous. Knowing how to make a trap can be useful for capturing foods in the wild.

Industrious type individuals can make electricity which can be accomplished by tinkering with various items such as automobile alternators and generators to make wind or river powered electrical generators.

Using  the front lens of some flat screen TV sets can create a high temp magnifier for boiling water or powering a distillation unit. These are called Fresnel lens. Other aspects of making things apply to knowledge of building shelters, making medicine from wild plants and weaponry such as a bow and arrow. Crafty and knowledgeable individuals are typically more likely to survive the many variations of unfortunate situations.

Making this  »   [Bow and arrow] , [Alcohol still] , [How to make a garden] , [Salvaging a fresnel lens] , [Electricity] , [Traps] , [Fire]



Self reliance   »   Self reliance 1

Becoming self reliant is instrumental when the aim is to survive the various degree's of disasters and calamities we may face in our lives. Being self reliant encompasses a vast array of subject matter so diversity is advantageous. Having a wide array of skills and knowledge is conducive for surviving many disastrous situations. To depend upon ourselves instead of others reduces vulnerable risks. It lessens the potential to be dictated to during time of chaos and upheaval. Being self reliant not only covers aspects associated with living off the grid but includes changing the way we think. Adaptation is a vary important key factor determining success. Education, training gathering and the willingness to live beyond the moment is key for self reliance.

Rely on this »  [How to be self reliant] , [Wilderness self reliance] , [The art of self reliance] , [Suburban self reliance]



Conservation & frugality   »   Conserve 3

Conserving is most often an act that is an uncomfortable task to stick with. The act of conservation is in many cases something which is forced by means or another upon us at the most inopportune time. People are funny is the way we want others to conserve and use less by it may be harder for us to comply voluntarily. Conservation often means to give up or abstain from the excessive use of valued resources or luxuries. To practice self reliance also means to acclimate to a lessor style of living. For instance, ... try turning off the running hot water between lathering and rinsing just to see how you feel about it. Think of how much water we can save. Conservation is not limited to just saving water or eating less food, ... it is also abut storing and using food that does not require refrigerators and freezers. Conservation is the application of being frugal. Decreasing the amount of something we use regularly can eventually translate to living beyond the means when disaster strikes.

Conserve on this »  [100 ways to conserve] , [Preserve food without a refrigerator]



Security and defensive measures   »   Defensive measures 1

Combat and defense is a subject matter that often draws a degree of interest as well as opposition. This is largely dues to the various applications and measures used for defense and security.  Measures to be implemented vary from passive to excessive. The degree of actions taken by some people can be subtle and evasive while others tend to use deadly force or consequences. Combat skills can include those associate with preventative training known to detour assailants of an attack. These are often used as illusionary tactics. On those occasions when we find ourselves forced to engage it can be an advantageous to handle ourselves adequately. This also encourages a higher degree of confidence. Defensive measures also apply to the use of precautionary actions that can be implemented with security in mind. Setting up a perimeter or placing alarm sensors in a given are will aid as a pre-warning system. Additional forms of combat and security are associated with weaponry. Getting trained in the use of various weapons is a benefit for times of chaos and uncertainty.

Defend with some of this »  [Basic archery] , [Krav Mega] , [Fire arms training] , [Safeguarding the home without an alarm]



The art of illusion & deception   »   Illusion

Its comically interesting on how we define the differences between illusion and deception. Our opinions are largely based on where we stand in any given position or subject matter. Illusionary tactics are proactive measures we initiate ourselves while deception is something we hope to prevent happening to us. None the less, ... it is important to understand that they are the same and highly effective. The application of either can make the difference between surviving or not.

Illusionary and deceptive tactics have a purpose and that is to appear as something other than what they are. This concept for survival minded enthusiasts envelopes the hope of increasing the odds of getting the things we need. For instance, .... posing as a police officer, doctor, pilot, mail carrier,  soldier or anything else has the potential to shift an outcome in favor of the artist. This has been known to be a effective in getting into or out of restricted areas or out of dangerous regions. Other aspects of illusionary tactics initiate the appearance of being poor or wealthy  which also has a degree of results. This concept is typically applied with a believable script set with props so as to encourage success.

For those who live by themselves it can be an advantage to create the appearance that others are with us, ... we are not alone. This is simply another deterrent under the aspect of illusion.

Deception is something we don't want happening to us, ... especially during disastrous situations. Staying on high alert and attentive to others who may use deceptive tactics against us is advantageous. Being attentive to the behavior of others can save lives. Applying the art of illusion can also save lives.

The art of  illusion »  [Example] , [Disguise] , [Secrets of effective liars]



Avoidance and prevention   »   Avoid 1

Practicing tactics of avoidance and implementing measures of prevention can aid in increasing the odds of surviving a great deal of unfortunate circumstances. Tactical avoidance encompasses the concept of staying clear from drawing attention to ourselves. To avoid becoming a target or appearing as a threat to others. Avoid looking suspicious, vulnerable, unsure, indecisive and frightened. Acts of prevention include measures taken in advance so as to succeed with implementing tactics of avoidance. Prevention encompasses a great deal of consideration for a variety of potential contingencies. Applications for preventative measures and  tactics of avoidance include but are not limited to aspects associated with security & safety, food & water, wasting fuel, getting a jump ahead of others, making survivable choices, aligning with others, criminal activities, emotional melt downs and harsh reactions due to anger or other tendencies to loose control over our composure. Avoid chaos and distraction. Prevent uncertainty and vulnerabilities.

Definition »  Avoidance = An act or practice of avoiding or withdrawing from something.

Definition »  Prevention = The act or practice of keeping something from happening.



Bugging out vs Hunkering down   »   Bugging out

Many people are often faced with a decision to bug out and leave the security of their homes or stay put and hunker down in a familiar location. Either option has its degree of risk and benefits based upon the circumstance.

In cases where we are forced to evacuate and bug out it can be comforting to rely on a well thought out plan of action and have scouted out secondary locations. During those times we are typically faced with a degree of unknown and unpredictable conditions. Our resources can be limited based on our ability to carry them with us and stand the effects of exposure and depletion. The benefits of being prepared to bug out offers a sense of security and confidence during chaotic times.

Hunkering down or sheltering in place has its disadvantageous as well as having a few benefits. Disadvantages encompass a degree of issues associated with security and time frames to make important decisions. Chemical spill have been know to exterminate entire towns where citizens failed to leave immediately.

Hunkering down provides an opportunity to go un-noticed in a lock down environment. It also allows us to store far more food and water as well as other advantageous things. Security measures are emphasized to be locally applicable and for the immediate area. A reasonable plan of action should contain contingencies for bugging out and hunkering down. The decision to stay or go can be made at the onset of a calamity or disastrous situation.

Stay or go »  [Options] , [More options]



Equipment and gear   »   Equipment

Most every disastrous situation or calamity can be subject to the advantageous of having a select amount of equipment and gear known to be conducive for surviving a variation of conditions. Having access to variations of vehicles such as off road and 4 X 4's, trucks, motor cycles etc. ... can aid with aspects associated with bugging out or finding and transporting the things we need. Equipment and gear can provide confidence in extended levels of sustainability and duration. Some items which are considered to enhance survival would be considered excessive to many people. Survival minded enthusiasts typically strive to have as much gear and  equipment as necessary.  Items such as generators and vehicles modified to run on alcohol and wood, water distillers and ambient moisture extractors. Additional items include but are  not limited to fresnel lens, Cross bows, canning and preservation equipment, solar panels with inverter and more. Minor supplemental equipment and gear includes the things use to build  systems and machines. Bailing wire, welder, tubing, 30 to 50 gallon drum or similar containers, water barrels, filters, batteries or equipment to make batteries. The list of advantageous equipment and gear is extensive for creative educated survival minded enthusiasts, .... because it is conducive for survival.

Extrapolate this »  [How gasification works] , [Atmospheric water generators] , [Build a rainwater collection system] , [Convert a car to alcohol] , [How to can food].



Basic supplies for survival   »   Basic supplies

Most any disastrous situation requires a degree of provisions for sustenance one way or another. It is simply smarter to accommodate for at least 10 days of food and water for about 10 people. This will aid in decreasing the onset of panic and the necessity to act in an emergency state of mind. Preparation with items of sustenance increases the odds of getting past the moments of disaster. Having an emergency back pack with a smaller version of supplies is also advantageous, .... especially during those times when we become stranded in the middle of nowhere.  Basic supplies include food, water, clothing, shelter, medical care and a few gallons of fuel for heating or bugging out.

Prepare with this »  [Basic list of suggested items] , [Survival gear list] , [Supply list]



Thinking outside the box   »   Think 1

Most of our lives can be said as being routine and predictable. This type of security also denies most people to a degree of exposure to unpredictable stimulation which aids in conditioning. It is advantageous to entertain every potential outcome and strategy when it comes to staying ahead of the curve. To be steps ahead of everyone else. Preparations for this kind of thinking included exposure to alternate forms of information as well as from do it yourself type crafts and projects. Leave no stone UN-turned, ... means to make a conscious effort of knowing as much as possible. Thinking outside the box is a metaphor which defines a way of thinking that is diverse, wide and encompasses a great deal of topics and subject matter. Changing how we think or what we trust can be difficult and takes practice, ... combined with exposure can open minds more effectively allowing us to think outside the box.

Exposed to this »  [Coast to Coast] , [Drudge Report] , [Conspiracies] , [Above Top Secret] , [Daily Sheeple]



Biblical references for preparedness   »   Bible 02

The concept of being prepared extends into cultural, spiritual and religious realms as was mentioned in various ancient writings of accounts and records. Biblical references are often disputed as being metaphoric to the coming of Christ with warnings of readiness for those coming times. Other Biblical scholars make note of the same understanding but include viable claims that  preparation and is a gift from GOD and does in fact apply to conventional measures of readiness. The following has been provided for those who are seeking to validate the messages GOD has given them to be prepared. If GOD is sending a message of preparedness than action may be the next step.


» » » Should Christians prepare for hard times? « « «


Applicable scriptures

Genesis 6:21 ,  Genesis 41:1-32 ,  Genesis 41:49 ,  Exodus 12:35 ,  Proverbs 6:8 ,  Proverbs 6:11 ,  Proverbs 21:20 ,  Proverbs 27:12 ,  Luke 22:35-38



Other curios things of interest   »   Conspiracies 1

The following contains attributes associated with conspiracy theories and speculative information. Interpretation of the information provided by P2S is the responsibility of the visiting viewers. Continual research comparing common with alternate resources is advantageous for acquiring the greatest base line of data to achieve the best ability for decision making. Discretionary use and application of said information is advantageous for survival. The following information has been provided if it is typically suspected of having a viable impact to citizens and individuals who support freedom.


A few executive orders from the United States

Executive orders have significant influence over the internal affairs of government, deciding how and to what degree legislation will be enforced, dealing with emergencies, waging 72-hour length strikes on enemies, and in general fine-tuning policy choices in the implementation of broad statutes. The reflective impacts imposed upon citizens is often uncomfortable and disruptive. Conspiracy theorists often make claims that the process of initiating executive orders is being abused with the aim of stripping Americans from their constitutional rights. [Link 1] , [Link 2] , [Link 3]

Definition for "Executive order"

Executive Order 16303 (National Defense Resources Preparedness) states that, in case of a war or national emergency, the federal government has the authority to take over almost every aspect of American society. Food, livestock, farming equipment, manufacturing, industry, energy, transportation, hospitals, health care facilities, water resources, defense and construction - all of it could fall under the full control of the administration or controlling government. The order empowers the president to dispense these vast resources as he sees fit during a national crisis."

12919  Released on June 6, 1994. These are the tools used to shred the Constitution and take away your rights under its protection: Each EO number is linked to its full content.

11000  Federal seizure of American people for work forces under federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the government so desires (this happened before in Europe during the Nazi regime)

10995  Federal seizure of all communications media in the US (tested last month) 

10997  Federal seizure of all electric power, fuels, minerals, public and private;

10998  Federal seizure of all food supplies and resources, public and private and all farms and equipment (that’s including what you are storing for emergencies in your home right now!) 


FEMA camps & depopulation etc.

It has been speculated through various reliable sources that FEMA camps have been established throughout the United States and other locations on Earth. The intent for the existence of these camps is said to be nothing less than sinister which may encompasses genocidal tendencies. Video references have been provided to stimulate curiosity. Researching this subject matter in its entirety will reduce misunderstandings and provide clarity for survival minded enthusiasts.

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New world government order

»  New World Order (conspiracy theory)

»  Wake Up Call - New World Order (Full Documentary)


UFO conspiracies and coverup

» 10 Of The Most Far-Out (Or Totally Accurate) UFO Conspiracy Theories

»  The great UFO coverup conspiracy

»  NASA astronaut says aliens are real

»  UFO images


TV shows and programs of interest

»  What on Earth?

»  Conspiracy Theory

»  The Conspiracy Show

»  Ancient Aliens


P2SP2S welcomes additional subject matter for consideration

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