Current & alarming volcanic activity?

Alarming increase in volcanic activity or is it simply the increase of fact reporting?    

..... You decide .....


It has been noted by many survival minded enthusiasts that the Earth is headed for some drastic changes here in the near future. Such enthusiasts make it their business to engage in monitoring any changes occurring on planet Earth just to stay one step ahead of chaos. This is an important step in being more prepared. With such devotion and determination it is a common instinct as a prepper to expose ourselves to alternate sources of information in addition to what we can expect with main stream media. That being said, ... it is just as important to consider the validity of the data and information during the period of research when exposing ourselves to any and all resources. It is our responsibility to research beyond the moment of exposure in hopes of either validating or dismissing what we have read. To make the process of research even more difficult, ... some data may be found to be true yet can be presented in such a way that causes us to draw on alarming conclusions. With that in mind, ... it is advantageous to utilize a grading system which can aid in the filtering process for determining the degree of validity for each bit of relative information we expose ourselves to.

P2S feels it is important to expose ourselves to many forms and sources of information with the intent of having the broadest array of relevant data when making decisions. These are the kind of decisions that could very well make the difference between surviving, ... and not surviving an array of unfortunate situations.

That being said, ... we turn the attention to recent mentions of what appears to be an increase in volcanic activity around the globe. Some of these mentions are reported from reputable and creditable resources. One such resource can be found under the name of "The Daily Sheeple" which reported in a recent article titled "Is Something Strange Happening Inside the Earth?" We found truth being reported here but with some important factors left out.

P2S staff and fellow enthusiasts were compelled to validate the reported data by establishing contact with the USGS and spoke with Mitch, ... a Technical information Specialists on staff. The statements made by the USGS indicates that while there appears to be an increase in reported volcanic activity around the Earth, ... the fact also remains that this may be attributed to the implementation of additional Sensing equipment world wide. New sensors are constantly being added to volcanic hot spots thus resulting in an increase in collected data as registered activity.  According to the USGS, ... there has been an increase in seismic activity over the past 10 years which may have a subsequent effect on volcanic activity data. With that being said, ... their official statement remains optimistic that we are only seeing global activity more clearly due to the added sensor equipment and volcanic activity has not truly increased by much. There are others who differ in their interpretation of such data and urge consideration towards the preparedness for potential eruptions. P2S encourages survival minded enthusiasts to perform measures of research with the aim of supporting a greater level of understanding for any given subject matter.  Stay focused and be informed.


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Best practices depict to keep an open mind and act on what we learn. A frame of mind as such is conducive for the preservation of lives.


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