Current potentials for nuclear disaster ?

Preparing for nuclear disaster ?


Preparing for nuclear disaster is just a smart thing to do now days. We certainly live in an unpredictable world which is inundated with uncertainty between a rotating group of world leaders and a mismanagement of technology and the potentials for destructive capabilities associated with this subject matter. Just because there are so many things that can cause chaos and disruption on Earth does not mean it is OK to ignore the consequences associated with those potentials for disaster. It is a huge misconception to expect that someone else will take care of us during times in need. It is considered by most all survival minded enthusiasts as dilutional to expect that our governments will take care of us during those times in need. Becoming self reliant is the best thing we can do to protect ourselves with the highest degree of certainty. Relying on others is far less than effective for most all disastrous situations. The concept and mindset of being self reliant is applicable for not only minor events in life but for large scale situations such as with nuclear accidents or intentional detonations between nations.

The foremost levels of drive to survive any such disaster is derived from a basic instinct to live beyond the moment of occurrence coupled with viable and additional reasons to do so. Some people simply have a higher level of drive to survive during chaotic situations while others claim to care far less about such things but make no mistake with this understanding as we all have that basis instinct to live. When the chips are down and an opportunity arises that can influence survival , ... most all people will choose to live over lying down and giving up.

That being said it is important to address situations associated with surviving a nuclear disaster. This article is intended to remind and or make aware of the potentials for such disasters to occur, .... especially in these current days of human progression or degradation as some might call it.

Becoming self reliant with the aim of protecting ourselves better during any disastrous situation means that we must expose ourselves to uncomfortable data and entertain an array of solutions to act upon accordingly.

Be advised that many world governments are preparing for such a disaster to occur, ... just because it is smarter now days. The USA / FEMA organization is one such entity that hasĀ  been collecting up and storing radiation / nuke pills for just this occasion. Nuke pills are basically potassium iodide that when ingested in the correct amounts can interfere with the human pituitary gland from absorbing radiation. This in turn can give most self reliant survival minded enthusiasts a chance to escape to a safer area.


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The following article has been included as relevant information which can be utilized in gaining an additional understanding of the potentials for global nuclear concerns. This subject matter involves all inhabitants of Earth.


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