Recent Power outages spark concerns for cyber Attacks

Coincidental power outages occurring in three major cities within the United States sparked concerns from watchdog and exposure communities yesterday. Rumor has it that many people are feeling uneasy at the vulnerabilities associated with the potential of this being an intentional attempt to disrupt infrastructure. The areas affected ware reported as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Updates for this situation indicate that a fire was to blame for the disruption in San Fransisco but does not dismiss or make lite of the impact it caused. The major concern for survival enthusiasts is regarding how we manage ourselves during times when the convenience of electrical power has been cut off.  There are multiple potentials which can cause regional power loss and each one of them should be considered when creating a disaster preparedness plan. Preparedness makes chaos more manageable.


See the following subject matters related to the loss of power.

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse)

Power outages

Solar flares



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Source: Power Outages Coincide in LA, New York, and San Francisco | Inverse

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