Survive Homelessness

P2S just completed a publication of content regarding aspects associated with surviving "Homelessness"  Located within this content is a featured concept for "Tiny Toilet Homes" created with the idea of solving the world wide issue of homelessness. Check it out here and join the movement to solve homelessness.


The way in which we live can change at a moments notice. Loosing the place we call home is one of those changes that can be considered disastrous for many people. Especially if there are no other places where we feel at home. Though this is a condition of desperation it does not however signify a permanent situation, ... nor does it define who we are or our potentials to change such a situation. Experiencing homelessness, .. as mentioned in the descriptions and situations content page, ... reminds us that such a condition can happen to most anyone. This includes intellectuals, the wealthy and poor as well as those with specific challenges. Surviving homelessness for the most part is a matter of perspective and the mindset that goes along with it, ... be it healthy or destructive. Surviving such a condition depends greatly upon our impression of what homelessness really means in conjunction with a desire or motivation to change the situation. This concept applies to not only people who are experiencing homelessness but for those who believe they are about to have such an experience.  

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